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How To Close Apps That Are Not Responding On Mac

While I was using screenflow app to record a video on my Macbook this morning, it threw up an error which I couldn’t close, even after restarting the macbook. It was very frustrating as I just couldn’t do anything on the mac while the annoying “screenhelper” window keeps popping up.

After googling how I can forcefully close the annoying window, I discovered that I can get rid of it by making use of the inbuilt “Activity Monitor” app. I used it and it worked!

open activity monitor in the utilities folder, select the app you want to force quit and and click the x button.

close app on mac with activity monitor app


Force Quit from the Apple () menu, or press Command-Option-Esc to launch the basic “Force Quit Applications” window, which is more like a simple task manager for Mac OS X.

It will show a list of all active applications running in OS X, similar to the screenshot below :

force quit running apps macbook

Select the app you want to close in the Force Quit window, then click Force Quit.




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