5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About BBM

BlackBerry Messenger popularly called BBM is a messaging app that has stolen so many hearts in Africa. Most Africans can hardly do without using this messaging app a day. I use it everyday too 😉

I could remember when we heard the rumour that this favourite messaging app of ours is coming to the Android platform, there were excitement both online and in my hood. We eventually got it on Android and iOS back then.

With a will to expand user database, they also extended their magnanimity to the Windows Phone which got their Beta version before the full one. All these are no news and known stories anyways.

Here are FOUR things you might not know about BlackBerry Messenger.

1. You can make a call from a BBM to another BBM for free.

I have tested this feature times without number and trust me, it is working well and moderately  zap your mobile data.


2. You can buy  more smileys from the BBM shop.  There are lots of fascinating premium smileys in the shop for sale.


3. You can make your ‘PINGS’ not vibrate. Some peeps can ping you till the world end just to bring down your battery. Show them you have control over your BM with this.

4. You can add your contacts via email instead of BBM PINs.


5. Mobilitaria has a BBM Channel you can join to get our updates live and direct. Our Channel PIN is C0048FB4A (pin.bbm.com/C0048FB4A)


Any other things about BBM you would love to share?

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