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*777# : Glo Short Code for Buying Glo Data Plan

There are different ways you can buy glo data plan but the easiest for me is the use of the Glo short code (*777#). This is simply because it requires no internet connection and I don’t have to be cracking my brain for the subscription codes for glo data plans.

So, when next you want to subscribe to a glo data bundle and you don’t know the subscription code, just dial the *777# glo data plan short code on your glo line and follow the prompt.

How To Buy Glo Data Plan With *777# Shortcode

After dialing the code, you will be presented with options to select from data services, blackberry services or hot deals.

*777# glo data short code

If you want to buy glo data plan, you  will have to enter 1 and tap SEND.

You will see new options to select from :

buy data
gift data
share data
manage data

buy glo data plan


Enter 1 to buy glo data bundle.

You will see new options to select from :

glo monthly data plans

Enter 2 to opt in for monthly glo data plan.

You will see available monthly data plans, their price and MB.

2016 glo data plans price

Enter the number for the plan you want to buy and tap send eg enter 1 to buy N1000 data plan for 2gigs.

The price for the glo data plan will be deducted from your glo airtime balance  and you will be instantly subscribed to the plan.  You can confirm the glo data plan by texting “info” to 127 on the glo line. 

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