Airtel Launches Cheap Data Plans For Android Devices

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You asked for it, you just got it! Airtel has launched two cheap data plans exclusive to Android devices. You may consider this as Airtel Nigeria’s response to the ‘mass’ petition that was tendered online to NCC.

Without beating around the bush here, there are currently two Airtel Android data plans and they are:

  1. Airtel Android 2.0 Bundle : N2000 for 2 Gigs
  2. Airtel Android 4.5 Bundle: N3,500 for 4.5 Gigs

According to a thread on Nairaland, between 6am and 9:59pm, you will be billed at 1.5K/KB (As opposed to 1k/kb on regular data bundles) and between 10pm and 5:59am, you will be billed at 1k/kb.

The OP also stated that Airtel BB subscriptions are billed @ 2k/kb when used on non bb devices. You get charged at 1k/kb when you use it on BB devices (excluding bb10 devices).

Codes To Subscribe for Airtel Android Data Plan

==> Dial *141*200# for the N2,000/2G plan

==> Dial *141*450# for the N3,500/4.5G plan

How To Check Balance of Airtel Android Data Plans

You can confirm balance of your Airtel data bundle for Android by dialing *223#.

While some folks may not find these as extreme as possible (to explain extremely cheap data plans), both plans are good enough for an average Android user and I presume that the validity period for each plan is 30 days.

Good enough if you ask me.
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