Amazon’s New Echo Buds

Amazon joined the true wireless earbuds game by introducing it’s new Echo buds to the world. Amazon’s Echo buds offers a noise cancelling feature driven by Bose’s Active Noise Reduction technology that cancels out the background noise. With a double tap, pass through mode can be easily enabled allowing ambient sound to seep through. You can double tap again to go back to noise cancelling mode.

The Echo Buds come with Amazon Alexa built-in and also features an option that enables you use the voice assistant that comes with your phone, including Google Assistant and Siri.

With an IPX4-sweat resistance rating from IEC, the Echo buds are being considered  great work out buddies. The buds also come with the option to disable the always-listening microphones, just in case you’re in need of more privacy.

These $130 buds offer five hours battery life with the accompanying charging case containing enough power for around another 20 hours of use. The Echo Buds are available for pre-order

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