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APN Settings for Glo on Blackberry 10 (z10,q10,q5,z30,z3 etc)

If you configure the wrong Glo APN settings for Blackberry 10 on your Blackberry z10,q10,q5,z30,z3 etc, you might not be able to browse on the smartphone even if you have an active Glo Blackberry internet subscription (BIS).

Below are the default settings needed for you to be able to browse with the Glo network, on your Blackberry 10 device:

Access Point Name (APN) :
User Name :
Password :
Authentication type : None

Below is a screenshot of how you should set the apn settings for globacom Nigeria on your Blackberry 10 phone:

Glo Apn settings for Blackberry 10

That’s all.

How To Set Glo APN Settings on BB 10

Go to “Settings” > “Networks and Connections” > “Mobile Networks”

Tap the “APN” icon as highlighted below and set the settings.

set apn settings for glo on bb 10


Note: If you want to use glo data plan on your Blackberry 10 instead of blackberry subscription, then you must use the settings below:

APN : gloflat
Username : flat
Password : flat

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