Apple Launches iPad Pro, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus…Coming To Nigeria Soon

The global media is abuzz with the news of the new products launched at Apple’s event few days ago. Among the products announced, the bigger than ever iPad Pro and the stunning new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.  The new iPhone will also come in Rose Gold. This is fantastic for all of us who are Apple fans and for those of us who have yet to make the leap into the world of Apple, these products are worth it.

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So what about us in Nigeria? When will we be able to get our hands on this prize possession? Surely it won’t be that far away. Last year was the first time Nigeria was included in the iPhone launch, we received it on the 14th November, only 8 weeks of the launch of USA. So can they do better this year?

Consider these facts before you go out and buy the new iPhone in Nigeria:

In the past we have had no option but to give our friends and family money to purchase abroad and ask them to queue in New York or London. Why take the risk of sending dollars through the airport when you can buy locally.

With companies like Etisalat, Globacom and Airtel all selling the iPhone in their stores we can trust them to have the authentic product that comes with the Apple warranty and the best data bundle deals around. It now seems odd to ask someone else to get the iPhone for you when you can get it yourself, and probably sooner than the return of our traveling friends.

Also, have you ever noticed how the price of an iPhone changes? In the USA the iPhone stays at exactly the same price for a whole year. So why does it change so much here? It’s because we are being ripped off by people who want to make a quick buck at our expense.

Last year you could buy the iPhone 6 16GB for a massive N210,000 from unauthorised retailers, and only a few weeks later when it was launched officially you could buy the iPhone 6 16GB for N135,000 in the authorised retailers.  Now who is the clever one, the person who had to go and get it from the unofficial retailers or the person who did the right thing and waited?

We now have an option, that is to get the iPhone when it is launched officially, which comes with the official manufacturers warranty, guaranteed FaceTime and the guarantee that the iPhone is not stolen or fake.

For all this, we need to listen out for the real thing in Nigeria, announced by the authorised retailers and networks.  iPhone will be here sooner than we think.

The Apple iStore in the ikeja shopping mall is the home of “everything Apple in Nigeria”.

For a list of authorised resellers in Nigeria go to

You can buy iPhones and iPad here.

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