Apple’s BEATS Announces Solo Pro On-Ear Headphones

Apple’s BEATS has introduced  the Solo Pro, a $299.95 set of wireless headphones that add noise cancellation to the on-ear form factor shared by the company’s long line of previous Solo headphones. These are, for all intents and purposes, the Solo 4 Wireless, but they’ve been rebranded to match the Powerbeats Pro. The company considers the Solo Pros to be part of a “next generation” of products led by the superb Powerbeats Pro from earlier this year. The Solo Pros look like the Solo 3s but BEATS has said they were redesigned from top to bottom.

There’s no power button, as the Solo Pros automatically power on when unfolded and power down when folded and stowed in their case. The Solo Pros have been redesigned to be soft and comfortable for the users, more resistant to sweat for those that hit the gym with head phones on and can now twist and get contorted without any damage. BEATS also paid attention to the clamping force in order not to cause any headaches to the users.

Beats has brought its “Pure ANC” adaptive noise cancellation technology from the Studio 3 Wireless headphones over to the Solo Pros. But since the Studios have an over-ear design, the company had to make some adjustments to tuning and its noise cancellation algorithms. Pure ANC efficiently detects and blocks ambient noise — not only on an airplane, but also in a noisy café or a busy office. Pure ANC also evaluates fit and adjusts for leakage caused by hair, earrings, different ear shapes, and movement of your head as you go about the day. Additionally, it simultaneously checks what you’re hearing while noise canceling is applied against the original music content to ensure impressive audio fidelity. According to Beats, the Solo Pros take an audio snapshot of the acoustics of your environment and attempt to cancel out frequencies of common disturbances.  If you’re somewhere quiet and don’t need the noise-canceling feature, they can run for up to 40 hours on a charge but the Solo Pros can hit up to 22 hours battery life when the ANC is activated.

The Solo Pros are charged over Lightning and also have a fast fuel feature which can last up to 3 hours on just a 10 minute charge. There’s also a transparency mode to enable you listen to your surrounding. With a tap of the bottom button, you can hear your surroundings piped into the headphones clearly. The color choices include black, ivory, gray, dark blue, light blue, and red. The new headphones, Beats’ first on-ears with active noise cancellation, will ship on October 30th.

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