Apple’s iOS 13.3 Soon To Come With Heightened Security

Due to Apple’s concern on the security of its consumers, Apple is working on an iOS update, the iOS 13.3 which will be rolled out to iPhones soon.

The updated iOS build is reportedly going to be released with security keys for for Apple’s Safari browser.

A security key is a handy and secure form of authentication that can be easily plugged into a device. It is relatively easy to use and comes with a good mechanism. The security key is a departure from authentications based on passwords and a move toward a more secure and more user-friendly system.

It has been revealed that physical security keys like YubiKey 5Ci will be made available when the iOS 13.3 rolls out.

The security keys can help prevent phishing attempts by hackers to steal the user’s details by sending an email that requires keying in of credentials.

The iOS 13.3 should be up for release some time in December 2019. New features aside the security keys, have been updated to the iPhone OS including features that highlight its priority in terms of privacy,  and the ability to lock down its popular voice assistant, Siri.


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