List Of Apps To Make Free Calls

Demand for free calls has always been high. Most of us have to cut our long and necessary stories short when on phone because of the high call rates. This is the 21st century and we have people living up to that. They are lots of apps now that offer free calls to their users. Even though we have hundreds of them, I will only be talking about 3 prominent apps that allow you make free calls. Trust me, a Google app is there 😉

1. Hangouts

Hangouts is the messaging app of Google. It is used to complement Google+ but as a standalone app, it has been integrated in more Google products like Gmail.

The mobile version of the app allows users to make calls between fellow Hangouts users for free. Hangouts also allows free video call between its users this is actually the most prominent feature of Hangouts. Hangouts is available of Android and iOS.

To put a voice call through to a user on Hangout, all you have to do is open the conversation window and click on the phone icon at the top right corner of the interface. See the screenshots below:

Screenshot_2014-09-21-11-57-26 Screenshot_2014-09-21-11-57-37


2. Facebook Messenger

Wondering what is the Facebook Messenger? Two months ago I posted an article about it. See it here. Download your facebook Messenger app on Play Store or iTunes if you don’t have.

With Facebook Messenger, you can send messages to all your friends on Facebook. Facebook actually added the free call feature to this app long ago but it is not yet familiar with Facebookers. You can only put a free call through to a Facebook contact that has the messenger app on his smartphone. You can always send the download link to friends that don’t have yet so that they will download it.

To put a call through, open the conversation window and click the phone icon in the top right corner of the interface just like in Hangouts. See the screenshots below:

Screenshot_2014-09-21-11-54-41 Screenshot_2014-09-21-11-54-48

3. BBM

Yeah! The third ‘free call’ app I will be discussing is the popular BlackBerry Messenger. I posted an article recently on BBM, see it here.

BBM supports free call between BBM users. This feature just got added to BBM few months ago. Making seamless free calls on BBM is something cool, right? BBM is available on Play Store and iTunes.

To put a call through on BBM, open the conversation window and click on the phone icon at the top right corner of the interface. See screenshots below:

Screenshot_2014-09-19-02-50-34 Screenshot_2014-09-21-11-57-37

However, your phone call may not be possible without WiFi connection unless you wish so. To allow call via mobile data, you will go to the setting and select it. See screenshot below:



With this apps, you can keep making free calls till the world end. Most interesting part is that they all have their phone icon at the top right corner of the conversation window. lol. 😀

Do you know other apps for making free calls?





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