Blackberry Showing Battery with Red Cross? The solution

When I woke up this morning to use my Blackberry 9320, the phone failed to start. So, I decided to charge it, plugged it in to the wall charger but to my surprise, the red led start up with the normal boot indicator then it stays on with an empty battery sign with a red cross over it.

I removed the battery and inserted again several times, same shit continues to happen. So, I decided to google it to see if there will be a solution to the problem. While going through this thread on Blackberry Forum, I noticed a trick which I tried and worked for me.

red crossed blackberry battery

So, What’s the Solution?

Take your battery out.  Connect your BB to the mains charger. After few minutes, reinsert your battery without disconnecting it from the mains charger and leave it till it powers on by itself. Might take up to 20 minutes or more to reboot. So, just chill, in as much as the red crossed battery doesn’t come up again.  

That’s all.

It worked for me. You can also try it and I hope it works for you too.

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3 responses to “Blackberry Showing Battery with Red Cross? The solution”

  1. Hopeless tech Avatar
    Hopeless tech

    Thank for your tip. I also tried connecting my phone to my laptop and seemed to work so far 🙂

  2. The solution worked, took three tries through but it did the job. Thanks!!

  3. Andrew Smith Avatar
    Andrew Smith

    Yup it works i just tried it out right now
    I’m Andrew Smith and i approve this method

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