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How To Buy Items On Amazon With Bitcoins

Online shopping sites like and accepts Bitcoin as payment but does not currently accept the use of bitcoins directly on their website. As at the time of posting this, no cryptocurrency is listed among the payment methods Amazon accepts. Nevertheless, there are ways you can spend bitcoins to shop on Amazon even from Nigeria.

1. Buy amazon gift card with bitcoin

This method involves the using your bitcoin wallet to buy an Amazon digital gift card.

After utilizing your bitcoin wallet to purchase your Amazon gift card visit the Amazon gift card page where you can then apply the value to your Amazon account. There after, you can proceed to shop any item on Amazon with the fund you’ve loaded to your Amazon account with the gift card you purchased.

You can buy amazon gift cards with bitcoin at sites like, or

You can sell your bitcoins in Nigeria at : Right there, you can as well buy amazon gift
cards with BTC

amazon bitcoins payments nigeria

2. Make Amazon Bitcoins Payments Via Sites Like

Sites like lets Amazon Gift cards holders trade their cards balances for bitcoins, while they ( act as escrow i.e someone can make purchases for you at Amazon, in return for bitcoins.

If you want to shop at Amazon with bitcoins, all you need do is to add the products you want to buy at Amazon to a wishlist, copy the url of the wishlist and paste the URL in your shopping cart at, then check out with bitcoins at You will even get like 15% discount when you shop through

When an order is placed, your payment is sent and held in escrow during the duration of your order. Payment is released to the individual who purchased your order once you’ve confirmed that you’ve received the entirety of the order.

If you want to shop from Amazon to Nigeria using bitcoins, you can also use for your orders and use for shipment. USendHome gives you US address for your shipments and also accepts bitcoins. No Monthly Fees, No Setup Fees, No Hidden Fees!

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