Bypass App Security To Access Locked Apps

Accessing some apps on your friend’s phone can prove difficult even after (s)he has unlocked the phone for you. This is because individual apps can also be locked. If you don’t know about it, Check this article on how you can secure your apps with other apps. The apps involved such as AppLock provide a second layer of security for phone apps by introducing a PIN lock system.

This simply means that apart from the PIN lock used for the phone’s security or SIM card security, another PIN lock would be introduced by these apps to help secure other apps from privacy invasion by friends. Some apps like Vault has more features that allows the locking pictures, videos, and messages.

However, the good news is that  you can always bypass the security to access the locked apps. There are few steps you would take to successfully do this.


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Then Apps.
  3. Locate the app that is used for the security. Let’s assume it’s AppLock. 
    Locate the app!
    Locate the app!


  4. Click on it to open the App Info
    App Info
    App Info


  5. Click on Force stop. 
    Force stop
    Force stop


    Once this is done, you would be able to open any app you want to open without the app security restricting your access.

Do you know of any other way this can be done? Share your thoughts through the comment box.

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