Comparison Between Tecno Pad (N9) and Mini (P9)

Earlier, I shared with you, the full specs of the new Tecno Phantom Pad Mini. In this post, I want to share with you, the similarities and differences between the Tecno phablet and the first Tecno tablet, the Tecno N9.


Both Tecno Androids are powered by Android 4.2 JellyBean Operating System. They both sport 5.0MP rear camera and 2.0MP front facing camera. They support 3.75G network and sport 1GB RAM + 16B ROM. Both supports expandable microSD; up to 32GB and have access to 1,000,000 + apps.

Phantom Mini pad

Differences between Tecno P9 and N9

==> Phantom Pad Mini (P9) screen is smaller as it sports 7 inches touchscreen compared to the  8.0” Capacitive Touchscreen of the Tecno N9 (Tecno pad)

==> The display resolution of N9 is 768 x 1024 while that of the Tecno Mini Pad is 1280*800.

==> Phantom Pad Mini supports dualSIM while N9 supports single SIM

==> The Mini runs on 1.2GHz DUAL Core Processor while N9 runs on 1.2GHz QUAD Core Processor, making it stronger than the mini

==> The battery capacity of the mini is 4000mAh while that of N9 is 4500mAh.

Without doubt, there will also be a difference in the pricing of the Phantom Mini and the Tecno N9.

That’s all I could identify for now.

Do you know other differences between both Tecno Androids? Pls, share via comments.


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9 responses to “Comparison Between Tecno Pad (N9) and Mini (P9)”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    the problem we have with tecno is price and and camera if u will add more quality or minimize the price

  2. What is the actual price of phantom n9 in Tanzania?

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    The price is good just improve the quality of camera..

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Nice one, am using p9, mehn it rocks…..

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    I think I wud prefer d phantom mini pad

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    the mini is one sim not dual. the specs say it’s dual sim but in reality it isn’t.

    1. solomon quincy Avatar
      solomon quincy

      You are right my brother

  7. Is pad mini really dual sim?

  8. sommy Avatar

    Am confuse o…. Dnt kw d one to chose, weda N9 or P9….. But I rilly need a tab dat has sim space and flash PLS ADVICE ME, tnx am waiting 4 ur reply

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