Differences Between Tecno Phantom A2 and A3

Tecno Phantom A3 is the latest Tecno Android phone as at the time of publishing this post and it succeeds the Tecno Phantom A2. Although the smartphone shares some similarities with the Phantom A11, there are still some differences.

Similarities between Phantom A3 and A2

Just like it’s predecessor, Phantom A3 will run on Android JellyBean OS and will feature a 13MP rear camera with 8MP front facing camera. It is a dual SIM Tecno phone just like other Tecno Android phones. Both phones sports 1GB RAM and 3.75G Network capability.

Tecno Phantom A3 picture


Phantom A3 is bigger than the A2 as it features 6-inch Capacitive HD Touch screen. It also sports 16GB ROM compared to the 4GB internal memory of the Phantom A2. The smartphone will also be stronger because it features 1.5GHz quad core processor compared to the 1.2GHz of the Phantom A11.

Although BBM can work on Phantom A2, but the Blackberry Messenger will be per-installed on the Phantom A3 i.e you won’t have to download it; just install and start pinging.

As at the time of publishing this, Tecno Mobile hasn’t release the info of the battery capacity of the Phantom A3, hence we can’t compare it to that of the Phantom A2 for now.

Without doubt, the Phantom A3 will also be a little bit expensive than the Phantom A2.

Do you know other differences and similarities between the Phantom A2 and A3? Please, share via comments.

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