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Download Flash Share App for Android from Google Play

If you no longer have the Flash Share app on your android phone after flashing it or if it didn’t come pre-loaded on your new android phone, you can scroll down to the bottom of this post to download the original flash share app or you can download Xender app for Android directly from Google play.

The Xender mobile app is the same as the “Flash Share” app on Android Tecno phones. Just a change in name.

It is an app sharing application which you can use to transfer files to multiple devices in a few minutes without bluetooth nor data. You can use it to transfer apps, files, photos and videos from phone to phone. Works same as Apple’s airdrop application. So, if you just want an app for quick transfer, then you need to download this Xender app.

Download Flash Share App Here.

If you’re unable to download it from Google play, or you just want the original OLD flashshare mobile application, you can download Flash share apk file here and install it on your phone.


xender app

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