Download Games via To Blackberry 10 Phones and Androids is one of my favourite websites where I download mobile games to my Android phone and my Blackberry Q10. The Russian-based site is loaded with free games, themes, wallpapers, videos and other content you can download for free to your mobile device.

epic truck game download

The most recent game I downloaded from the site is the Epic Truck racing game which I installed to my Android  using the apk file downloaded from the site. Although, I can download and install the apk file directly on my Blackberry Q10, but I used the flash share app to transfer the game to my Q10 and I’m now rocking the game on the Blackberry.

Android games at sefan website are divided into categories that include:

> Action
> Arcade
> Gambling
> Economic
> Fly
> Logic
> Board games
> Adventure
> Puzzle
> Quests
> Racing
> Shooting
> Simulators
> Sports
> Strategy
> Emulators
> Erotic Games (18+)

To get started downloading games at the site, go to

Click the middle flag, to switch to English. Then, click on the “Android” link. Thereafter, you will see the categories of the games you can download. Click the category you want and download the apk file of the game of your choice.

Install the apk file on your Android or BB 10 phone.

Remember, your BB must be running on at least Blackberry 10.2.1 OS for it to be able to use Android apps.

NB: When on the page listing games to download, no need translating to english because if you do, the links to the games might not be clickable.

That’s all.

Have fun!

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