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Download Glo Friend Finder App from Google Play

You can now download the Glo Family and Friends Finder app to your phone. It is now published on the Google Play Store (formerly known as Android Market). The app allows you to locate anybody with a Glo Nigeria line. Companies can use it to locate employees on the go while an individual can use it to locate family members and friends without having to bug them with calls.

With the Glo Finder app for Android you do not need to type the service SMS commands. You can pick up phone numbers directly from your address book and FIND their location. You can use the app to view the list of who has tracked you and who you can track. Besides that, it can be used to hide your location and can also be used to stop using the service.

Glo Finder

When you request to find the location of a friend, Glo will send a text to the person to approve it by replying with YES or No. If the person reply with a “YES”, Glo will tell you the location of the person. Locations are defined with landmarks that are locally well-known places such as prominent buildings, market places etc

You can get Glo Finder app download from Google Play here.

The app is also available on Blackberry and Java (for other devices) from this link:

NB: SMS sent by the app are charged. Consent is automatically asked from the located party.

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