How Do I Know My Etisalat Phone Number?

Atimes, we seem not to remember our phone number when someone asks for it, especially when it’s a sim card that was just purchased and registered recently. And this might be frustrating when you also don’t have airtime to call another phone number so you can easily figure out what the number is.

Well, if you are using an Etisalat line and you want to know your phone number on Etisalat, just try the tricks below:

1. Dial *248# on the Etisalat line.

The USSD code checks your Etisalat phone number and displays it for you on your phone’s screen.



ussd code to check etisalat phone number


2. Use *200# Etisalat Self Service USSD code

If you want to use Etisalat *200# USSD code to check your Etisalat phone number, dial *200#, enter “1” for “My Account”. Thereafter, enter “5” for “Show Number”. Your Etisalat number will be displayed for you at no cost.

Do you know other ways to check Etisalat phone number?

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