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How Find Phone Feature of CM Security App Tracks Stolen Phones

CM Security app comes with anti-theft “Find Phone’ feature that simply allows users to locate their missing phones. If you activate the feature on your smartphone, you will be able to track its location on the map, ring it to find where it is (Yell) and track it when lost remotely at

Before you can track your phone at the CM Security Find Phone website, you must have installed the CM Security app on the phone, enable it as a “device administrator” and also ensure location services is turned ON. Besides that, you must have signed in to the app with your email account.

So, whenever you want to track the phone online at, all you just need to do, is to sign in with the same email account you used to sign in to the CM Security app installed on the phone you want to track.


cm security find phone login page


How To Use CM Security Find Phone Feature

After you download CM security app, tap on the ellipsis on the top right-hand corner, tap on “Find Phone”

Tap  “Enable Find Phone ”

enable find phone cm security


Sign up with your email account to activate it.


sign int o cm security website find phone

Once you are successfully signed in, you will see this:


find phone enabled cm security app


Thereafter, check “Settings” > “Security” > “Device Administrators” to ensure CM security is enabled as device administrator.



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