Flobyt Free WiFi : Coverage Areas, Cost and How To Get The Router

Flobyt Wifi is a free, fast, reliable and easy to use wifi service available in Flobyt partner locations including eateries, parks, taxis, buses, restaurants, cafés and many more. It was launched over the weekend by Mavin Records CEO Don Jazzy and Dele Odufuye CEO of Tsaboin.

If you walk into a location that has Flobyt Free Wifi (indicated by Flobyt sign) and you have a mobile device that has WiFi capability, you can connect to the service and browse the internet for free on Flobyt.

The Wifi usage is in sessions. A session will last for 15 minutes or 15 megabytes (whichever comes first). There are no limits to the number of sessions you can have. However, hacking, phishing and other malicious websites are not allowed. No laptops allowed either, only mobile devices. Apart from that, you can pretty much do anything with your Flobyt Free Wifi.

Wondering how Flobyt makes money? Well, they make money from the ads you see at login.

Flobyt Coverage Areas in Nigeria

Flobyt Free WiFi is currently available in the following locations in Lagos State :

Massimo Bar, Ikeja
Amala Express, Lekki
RoadStar Burger, Lekki.
Bar Enclave, Ilupeju
FoodHouse, Ikosi
Grace’s Cakes, Ogba
Jazzment Salon, Lekki
KayzPlace Barbershop, Lekki
White House, Yaba
Lounge 9a, Anthony

flobyt free wifi service

How To Get Flobyt Wifi Router

If you’re a business owner, you can apply to become Flobyt partner, which will enable you offer free Wifi to your customers at your business premise.

For you to get the Flobyt box, fill the flobyt partner form here.

Kindly note that on on business premises, a normal Flobyt WiFi device can accommodate 10 – 30 users at time. For locations with higher traffic, the Flobyt Max WiFi device can take up to 80 concurrent users at one time.

More info at : www.flobyt.com

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