Glo Bolt Modem Specs, Photos and Price in Nigeria

The Glo bolt modem is Globacom‘s official USB device that allows glo customers to browse internet easily on their computer (windows or Mac). It can be referred to as a dongle, USB modem, internet stick, USB network adapter or USB mobile broadband stick. It provides high speed internet access to the internet using the same 3G or 4G technology as mobile phones.

The e303s-1 glo bolt modem is the most popular out of all Glo dongles in the market. It was launched after the popular Glo NetPro modem. It is simply an Huawei USB dongle re-branded by Glo and locked to the Glo network.

If you buy the Glo bolt e303 modem, you will be able to use it to browse the internet once you subscribe to glo bolt data plans. You can insert your Glo SIM card into the glo modem after recharging airtime on it and if that is stressful, you can recharge it via the GLO HSI portal.

The Glo HSI portal accessible via also allows users of Glo bolt internet modem to gift and share glo data plans.

e303s-1 Glo Bolt Modem Specifications

Form : USB Stick
Weight : <30g
Model : e303s-1
Communication System : UMTS/HSUPAGSM/GPRS/EDGE
microSD card slot : Yes
e303s-1 Glo Bolt Modem Speed : HSDPA 7.2Mbps
Operation system : Windows XP SP2/SP3 ; Windows Vista SP1/SP2、Windows 7; Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7 with latest upgrades

Picture of Glo Bolt Modem


glo bolt modem


Glo Bolt Modem Price In Nigeria

The 7.2 mbps Glo bolt Modem costs N4,000
The 21.6 mbps Glo bolt Modem costs N6,000


Where To Buy Glo Bolt Modem In Nigeria

You can buy Glo bolt modems from GloWorld office, Glo Zones and Glo Dealer shops nationwide.


How To Install Glo Bolt Modem

Insert glo sim into the glo bolt modem. Plug it into the USB port on your computer.  After some seconds, a window with a folder that contains the glo bolt software will pop up. Double click on it to install.  After successful installation,  glo network bars should appear on the interface. You can then click on “connect” to start browsing.

If you want to install Glo bolt modem on Macbook, download Huawei mobile partner software for Mac OS.

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