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Glo fnf On Glo Bonus Account Balance : What It Means

If you check your Glo bonus account using the USSD code #122#, it’s likely you notice “fnf” in the balance.

Well, the glo fnf simply means : Family and Friends.

Whatever amount you see there is the bonus given to you by Glo, which you can only use to call the phone numbers on your Glo Family and Friends List.

So, if you don’t have airtime on your Glo main account but has 250 on your fnf, it simply means you can ONLY call any of your family and friends numbers and you won’t be able to call any other number till you recharge your glo line.

For you to get Glo fnf bonus, you need to be on Glo Infinito tariff plan.

You can migrate to Glo Infinito by dialing *100*9*2# on your glo line.

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You can add, modify and delete your Glo fnf numbers using the codes below.

How To Add Glo fnf Numbers

==> Dial *101*1*Glo Mobile Number#

How  To Modify Glo FnF Numbers

==> Dial *101*2*Existing Mobile Number*New Mobile Number#

How To Delete Glo FnF Numbers

==> Dial *101*3*Mobile Number#

*First time registration of special numbers is free. On subsequent change, N100 will be charged.

How To View Glo fnf Numbers

No special USSD code to view Glo friends and family numbers for now but you can call customer care number (121) and they will tell you the phone numbers on your glo fnf list.

If you can’t wait for 121 to connect, dial 171 , though you will be charged N20 flat.

Alternatively, you can dial 125 and follow the voice prompt. It will read out your Glo fnf numbers when you opt in to modify the fnf list.

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