Glo SIM Not Browsing Free on Glo Bounce? Try This Solution


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If you’ve migrated to Glo Bounce tariff and have some free MB on your Glo SIM, yet you still can’t browse for free with it, this post will guide you on what to do.

First you need to confirm if you are truly on Glo Bounce. To confirm your Glo tariff plan, dial #100#

Once you’ve confirmed that you are on Glo Bounce, you need to confirm if you have some free MB on your Glo SIM which you can use to browse for free. To check your Glo Bounce free MB balance, dial #122#. If it reads 0MB, you can’t browse for free.

Next is to check if you have MB in your normal data account. You can confirm this by texting “info” to 127. If you have some MB there, try to exhaust it before attempting to use the free Glo Bounce MB.

Once you’ve exhausted your normal data volume, text PAYU to 127. You will be migrated to Glo Pay As You Use plan. Restart your phone, luach your browser and you should be able to start browsing the new with the free MB.

If you still can’t browse with it, it simply means your active access point settings don’t match that of the gloflat APN settings. You have to configure your mobile device with the settings below before you can use the Glo Bounce Free MB:

Name : Glo
APN: gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat

If you don’t know how to configure your device with the settings, you might have to find someone to get it done for you.

That’s all.

Let me know if you’re still facing some challenges.

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