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Glo So Special Data Plan Gives You 4.5Gigs for N2500

Glo So Special is a glo data plan introduced by Globacom Nigeria, exclusively for glo subscribers that have migrated to Glo Overload. The plan gives subscribers 4.5GB at N2,500, valid for 30 days and you can use it 24/7. This simply means if you migrate to Glo Overload, you can buy glo data plan for N2,500 and get 4.5 gigs.

Glo So Special Data Plan

For you to subscribe to this plan, recharge your glo line with at least N2,500.  you can dial #124# to check your airtime balance.

Thereafter, you can dial *127*58# to buy So Special Glo data plan or text 58 to 127.

To check the balance of your Glo So Special MB, you can text info to 127 or dial *127*0#

NB: So Special data plan gives same volumes as Glo Always Macro plan (N3,000 plan) but at different price points.



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