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There are actually million of mobile apps in various app stores. For easy navigation, these stores have to categorize their apps by having different categories. All app stores have lots of categories ranging from ‘Books and Reference’, ‘Education’, ‘Social’, ‘Games’ and so on but none has ‘Students’.

You might not always need an ‘Education’ app as a student you know. As a Google freak, I couldn’t think any wider than the Google region which is wide enough. Here is a list of FIVE apps you should have as a student. Four of the apps are Google apps 😉

1. Your Campus app

Most universities now have mobile apps for themselves. These mobile apps contain necessary information about the school. It also might link students to the official website of the school, social media platform and other relevant stuffs. This should be your first handy app as a student. Universities in Nigeria such as Unilorin have their own campus app.

2. Google Calendar

Google calendar is one of the best calendar apps in the world. It syncs your events with your Google account and make them available via Students can create events for their lectures and get reminded of lectures even when at the beginning of the semester where the timetable is not yet familiar.

You can create events and make them reoccur weekly, daily or anytime a week till any day you wish. You can also wish to be notified few minutes before the event, some minutes before the event and even hours before the event. However, you may so wish not to be reminded about the event at all. Notification can be done via phone or email.

Although Google Calendar is not yet available on iOS but I got you two calendar apps that could work with Google calendar. Download Sunrise Calendar or CalenMob on iTunes.

For my Android pals, get Google Calendar on Playstore and keep on rocking the app.

3. Google Search

Google Search is unarguably the best web app in the whole world. remains the most popular website in the whole world with millions of hits on daily basis.

Well, this web app now has a mobile version for easy use. The mobile app has been on ground for quite long. It makes it easier for you to search the web with voice commands and the conventional typing method.

Students can easily talk to their app to give them answers to certain questions. Now that ‘Google Now‘ has been incorporated in the mobile app, users can ask varieties of questions like ‘Where are the best restaurants nearby?’ and get relevant answers.

Good news for my Apple guys is that you can also get Google Search for iOS on iTunes while my Android peeps can download Google Search for Android from Play store.

4. Google Keep

I previously wrote a full app review on Google Keep.  You can get to read it here. With Google Keep, students get to write their notes on the go and get it saved online and also synced with their Google account.

You can check your notes on PC via Google Keep offers you notes and even audio or picture messages storage. You can also get to write a ‘To-do’ list on Keep. If you need to get reminded about a note, Keep has a notification button you can toggle to get reminded.

Download Google Keep for Android on playstore. Apple guys should get TurboNote for iOS as there is no Google Keep for the platform yet.

5. Google Drive

Another app that students need is the Google Docs. It let you edit your documents both online and offline and sync them with your Google account via your Google Drive. With Google Docs, you get to access your synced document anywhere in the world even without your device but with your Google account details.

Every document created or uploaded get saved in your Google Drive. Students will get to keep lecture notes in a safe storage facility online. Google Docs is available for iOS and Android.

Get your Google Docs app on iTunes and Play Store.

Enjoy the Google world 😉

Do you know other apps you can recommend for students?

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