Google Now launcher extended to Android 4.1+

Google Now Launcher for Android

Google Now has been like an inbuilt app in other Google apps that serves as a window to the internet world of Google.

With Google Now app, just say “OK Google” or tap a “mic icon” and a voice search feature will be activated.  With it, you can use Google Search just by speaking your search query.  Besides that, you can use it to tell your phone what to do; like send a text message, get directions, or play a song. Isn’t that so cool?

Well, it has been incorporated in the Android Google Search app and Windows Google Chrome app before now. The Google Now Launcher has been made available for Nexus devices before it was extended to some other Android devices few days back.

Hence,  as long as your device is running Android 4.1 or higher, you can now download Google Now Launcher from the Google Play store.  Once installed and activated, Google Now Launcher replaces your phone’s home screen and you have the option of switching screens.

Apart from the enhanced Google Now features, the launcher also features some visual tweaks, including larger app icons, a translucent menu bar, and a new wallpaper picker that makes it easier to choose and position your photos.

When you open the installed Google Now Launcher for the first time,  it will offer to import your icons and widgets from your existing home screen, and it will prompt you to opt into Google Now if you haven’t already (not compulsory though).

Google Now Launcher welcome screen

If you try to install the Google Now Launcher on a phone with an older version of the Google Search app, you’ll be prompted to update it before you can actually use the Launcher.

To access the Wallpaper picker and the settings of Google Now Launcher as seen in the screenshot below, tap inside the Google search bar, then tap the menu button on your phone.

Google Now Launcher settings

If you decide you don’t like it later, you can switch back to the old launcher using the Home panel in the Settings, or you can uninstall the launcher completely.

Have you installed the launcher on your Android? Do you like it? Pls, lets hear from you via comments.


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