Google Won’t Allow 2GB RAM Phones Use Full Android 11

Google has already begun the beta testing of Android 11 and a leaked copy of the Device Configuration Guide has revealed a new detail. It’s revealed that future devices that want to run the OS must have more than 2 GB RAM and  those using 2 gigs or less must launch as an Android Go device.


Additionally, phones using 512 MB RAM will no more qualify for preloading GMS, effectively meaning they no longer have support.

The changes are to be implemented from Q4 of 2020 when the OS will be publicly rolling out and updates will start reaching the public from OEMs.


Phones exempted from this requirement are ones that have launched on prior Android versions with 2GB RAM. As long as they get updates they will remain on the full Android branch.


Android Go is supposed to be a lite version of Google’s open-source OS with most of its native apps having in a low-footprint form with less features, but having the same core functionality.


The aim of the change is to ensure that phones launching with very modest hardware get the proper lightweight version of the platform in order not to offer a compromised experience.

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