How To Check Your Current MTN Tariff Plan

MTN Nigeria offers different tariff packages with different rates, bonus, benefits etc. While some will give you a combination of huge airtime for voice calls and unbelievable volume of Data to go with it without daily fee, some will require you to pay a daily access fee.

Whether you buy a new MTN SIM and you don’t know the default MTN tariff plan or you’ve been using your SIM for a very long time but still don’t know your current tariff plan, you can still check your current MTN tariff plan by dialing the *556# code. i.e the code you use in checking your MTN airtime balance is the same code to check your MTN tariff plan.

Below is a screenshot of what a subscriber that is on the MTN BetaTalk Tariff plan sees after dialing *556#

code to check your mtn tariff plan

After dialing the code, your airtime balance will be displayed for you, as well as the name of the current MTN plan you are on. If not satisfied, you can then migrate to MTN tariff plan of your choice.

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