How To Get A Custom BBM Pin In Nigeria

BBM Custom PinBlackBerry has since offered us some juice through their popular messaging app, BBM with custom pins. Gone are the days when you have to root into your head some weirdly arranged 8-character BBM pin. You can choose to change to a custom pin easily! Sadly however, a lot of people in this region don’t use this feature (yet).

A BBM custom PIN can be set up all by yourself, so you necessarily don’t have to consult an oracle but there’s a catch. It demands a token for registration because this is a premium feature.

You need a working Mastercard or VISA card from any of the Nigerian banks to do this. If you have a foreign card, good for you! It will at least help you guard against the scary charges by our banks.

Step by step method of setting up a BBM custom pin

  1. Launch your BBM app and tap the BBM shop icon at the top left.
  2. Navigate to subscription and there, you’ll find the custom BBM PIN
  3. Open up the custom pin subscription dialog by tapping the icon
  4. Enter and confirm your credit/debit card details. *Note that this card would be attached to your Google account and will pop up anytime you need to perform an in-app or store purchase.
  5. Register your PIN already!

Custom BBM Pin registration rules:

A Custom PIN must meet certain criteria to be eligible for creation:

  • PINs need to be 6-8 characters long
  • Can include both letters and numbers. PINs are not case sensitive.
  • Special characters are not eligible

In five steps, you have your shiny new and customized BBM PIN. Add this to your business card, BVN registration form or use as a sticker on your bumper *winks*.

custom pin bbm nigeria

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