How To Get Free BBM Stickers From BBM Shop

Recently, Blackberry announced a new version of BBM that offers stickers that BBM users can add to their BBM chats. Unlike BBM emoticons, Stickers are larger, bolder and more beautiful. BBM users that upgrade to the latest BBM will be able to purchase and download sticker packs from the new BBM Shop found in BBM.

A sticker pack might be offered for free, or cost US $1.99, or an approximate equivalent amount in the local currency, and will be billed through the device’s app store. Each sticker pack contains between 20 and 25 stickers and features content developed by talented artists or relating to a theme or a character like CosCat, Gilbert’s Tales or Bubble Bot, as well as sticker packs featuring content from popular brands including Shaun the Sheep and WWE.
BBM chat With Sticker
Blackberry offers a free BBM sticker pack which includes many of your favorite BBM emoticons, thereby letting you get your point across in a bigger, bolder way while chatting with your loved ones. To start using the free stickers in your BBM chat, you must upgrade to the latest BBM that supports Stickers.

Versions of BBM That Support Stickers

==> BBM v10.3.1 for Blackberry 10

==> BBM v8.2 for Blackberry OS

==> BBM v2.1 for Android

==> BBM v2.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Be sure to check BlackBerry World, Google Play and App Store to ensure you have the latest versions listed above.

Once you’ve upgraded your BBM, just tap on the “Shop” icon in the BBM, select the “BBM Stickers” pack ( by BBM)  and install it free of charge. Once installed, you can start using the free stickers in your BBM chat.



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