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How to get the APK files of the applications on your phone

APK, the Android application package file, is the package file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Google’s Android operating system, and certain other operating systems, such as Blackberry 10 Devices with the OS version 10.2.1. When you download apps from the Google Play Store on your Android device, it installs automatically without letting you have access to the APK file.

What is the essence of the APK file?

Some people will think the APK file is of no use saying: “since the app is already installed on my phone, why do I need the APK file?” Anytime Google Play Store installs an app for you and you don’t have the APK file, when you want to change your phone, you will have to download it again. With the APK files of your apps, you are saving your limited internet bundle indirectly.

How to get the APK file of your apps

I will teach you three tricks:

Back up and Restore: This works for ONLY Androids with OS 4.0 and above. There is always a “Back up and Restore” app that is installed on the phone. Open the app; Back up the app you are willing to get the APK file; Open your file manager; You will see a folder “Back up”, that is where your backed up APK files are. Ta-da!!

If you don’t have the Back up app, you can always download app back up and restore application and install it.

Flash Share: This app is used to send apps between Android devices. To get your APK file using Flash Share, send the app to a friend through Flash Share and tell the friend to send it back. Open your file manager, flash share folder, app folder and you will see your APK file there. Ta-da!!! **cool magic**

You can download FlashShare app here.

Mobilitaria: Come to this blog and ask for the APK file of any app you need by commenting on this post. Link to download it will be given to you.

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