How To Keep Your Phone Working Well For Years

For people like me who tend to love their phones so much they don’t want to let go, but always end up having to get a new one because of one damage or the other, here are a few ways to reduce the damages and keep your phone almost as good as new for as long as possible:

  • Protect your screen: “Your screen is a crystal lattice and, if you get a scratch on the screen, it’ll make the glass less strong,” says Kyle Wiens, co-founder and CEO of iFixit, a company that provides instruction manuals and necessary pieces for repairing devices. Getting a screen protector is an easy way to protect your screen.
  • Don’t let your phone get too cold or too hot: If your phone overheats or gets too cold, it could slow down or turn off on its own. In extreme cases, the phone could suffer permanent damage and/or the battery life could be permanently shortened. To warm a phone that’s too cold, Tosiron Adegbija, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Arizona recommends putting it in your pocket or purse right away. For a phone that’s too hot: Try removing the case and turning off some functions (like GPS and Wi-Fi).

  • Replace the battery: Everything in your phone should really last 10 years or so, save for the battery, which is not designed for this longevity. It is advised that you change your battery at least every 18 months fora better working phone.
  • Reduce the apps and files on your phone: This can easily be done by using your cloud storage or an external storage device. It also increases the life span of your phone and helps it work as good as new.
  • Stay away from suspicious apps: The best way to prevent [viruses or malware] is to avoid downloading and installing apps that aren’t from the Apple or Google app stores,” Adegbija says. Viruses or malware are harder to get through these stores. Also, to protect your phone and your personal information, be careful about email attachments and visiting unsecured websites on your phone.
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