How To Move Pictures From Dropbox To iPad Camera Roll

If you’ve put the photos on your other devices in your dropbox and would love to transfer them to your iPad camera roll, you can get it done with ease. If you’ve also moved your photos to dropbox and would love to get them back to your iPad especially when you want to use them in apps that require the photos to be in the camera roll, this post is for you.

How To Get Started

==> Open the Dropbox app on your iPad
==> Navigate to where you saved the photos in your dropbox
==> Select a photo that you want to transfer
==> When it shows in the right hand side of the screen, you will see an arrow in the upper right corner

dropbox download icon

==> Tapping the arrow will give you options – one of which is to “save…..”
==> Tap the option and the dropbox picture will be saved to your iPad.

Once the export is done you can check your iPad Photos app for the photo.

Hope this helps.

You can learn read about uploading photos from iPad to dropbox here.

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1 Comment

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