How To Set Preferred SIM in Infinix Hot 2 Android 5.1 Phone

My Infinix Hot 2 smartphone is powered by Android 5.1 Lollipop and it comes with Dual SIM support. I can set the default SIM for making calls, sending text messages and for cellular data. I can also set it in a way that whenever I want to place a call, I will be asked which SIM to use.

To set your preferred SIM in Infinix Hot 2, follow the steps below:

==> Launch the “Settings” app
==> Tap on “SIM Cards

preferred sim settings for android

==> Tap on “Cellular data” option and select your preferred SIM
==> Tap on “Calls” option and select your preferred SIM or “Ask every time” option

set preferred sim on infinix

==> Tap on “SMS messages” option and select your preferred default SIM for sending sms

That’s all.

Kindly note that you might not be able to send SMS if you select “Ask every time” option for “SMS messages” as explained here. So, set a preferred SIM for it.

Have fun!



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