How to Stop Videos from Playing Automatically (Auto-play) in Your Facebook Newsfeed

When you are surfing the internet, you use up your data (megabytes or MB) while doing so. This spending of your data is something you are aware of and you don’t mind doing. But how would you feel if your data runs out without you knowing exactly what ate it up.

One of such data drinkers is FACEBOOK! On a very good day browsing through facebook gulps data, but recently they at facebook made it in such a way that once you scroll down to a video it plays automatically until you get beyond the said video and when you land on a new video, it plays automatically too.

When you play a video online, it uses up more data than any other activity you carry out online. This idea of video coming on without you wanting it to is one of the things that can finish your data without your knowledge of what happened. And if you live in Nigeria where data costs an arm and a leg, you won’t even find it funny to say the least.

Here is a guide for you to stop videos from going into auto-play in your Apple (iPhone, iPad) and android devices.


Stopping video Auto-play in iPhone


1. Navigate to the settings page and select facebook from the list of apps



2. Select Facebook from the list, then select SETTINGS right under Facebook

iphone -autoplay

3. A new page opens. Select Auto-play under Video

iphone -autoplay

4. When the new auto-play page opens, there are three options – On, Wi-fi only and Off, choose OFF to turn off Auto-play in iphone.


Stopping Auto-play in Android

Unlike in Apple devices, to turn off video Autoplay in Android, you have to do it through Facebook app and not through the device settings. The steps are very easy to follow. See the steps below:


Open the Facebook app and tap on the menu at the top right hand corner


Scroll down and click on App settings=>Scroll down and find Video Auto-play=>Click on Video Auto-play, you will see three options (On, Wi-Fi only and Off).

Choose off if your desire is to turn Video Auto-play off. If you choose Wi-Fi only, that means that auto-play will only function when you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

Voila! Now you have learned HOW TO STOP VIDEOS FROM PLAYING AUTOMATICALLY IN YOUR FACEBOOK NEWSFEED. That’s one good way to save your data from running out unnecessarily.

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