How To Use Blackberry as Torch or FlashLight

If you own a Blackberry smartphone that has Flash and Video camera application, you can use it as a torch at nights or in situations when you need light. Since I discovered that I can use my Blackberry curve 7 as flashlight, I have dashed out my “Nokia Torchlight” phone.

To use your Blackberry as a Flashlight, go to the “Applications” folder. Open the video camera application and press the “Space” button on your keypad.

This will turn on the “Camera Light,” which works great as a flashlight. It will drain your battery if you leave it on for too long. So, don’t forget to turn the light off.

flashlight BB

If your BB doesn’t have flash, you might have to search the Blackberry app world for free blackberry flashlight apps.

Have you tried this trick? Did it work for you? Please, let me hear from you via comments.

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