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How To Use Dc Unlocker Client 2 Software

The dc-unlocker client 2 software simply allows anyone to unlock modems, phones and routers directly in few seconds. It can generate unlock, firmware update code; enable voice feature for Huawei qualcomm, Sierra Wireless modems; read & write dashboard for ZTE usb modem etc

In this post, I quickly want to show you how to use dc unlocker software to unlock modems and also to know the firmware version of Huawei e303 and any modem. You can use dc unlocker client to unlock mtn modem, glo modem, etisalat modem as well as airtel modems.

I will assume you’ve download dc unlocker latest version and you’ve extracted it into a folder on your PC.

How To Use Dc Unlocker To Know Firmware Version Of Your Modem

Ensure you’ve installed the modem on your PC.
If modem is connected to the internet, disconnect it.
Close the modem interface by clicking on “File > Exit”.
Leave the modem plugged to the PC
Double-click the on dc-unlocker2client in the dc unlocker folder
Select manufacturer of your modem from the drop-down list
Set model to “Auto-detect”
Click the magnifying glass icon.
Wait till it shows details of the plugged modem.
You will see the firmware version of your internet modem in the displayed details as seen below :


detect firmware of internet dongle with dc unlocker software

How To Use DC Unlocker Software To Unlock Internet Modems or Dongles

You can easily use dc unlocker to generate unlock code for your internet modem if it auto-detects the imei number of your internet modem.

Follow the instructions above.
Once dc unlocker displays details of your modem, click on “unlocking


generate unlock code for e303 modems glo mtn etisalat airtel
Select “generate unlock code by imei
Click “Do job”

Wait for a moment till the programs displays this message: unlock is successfully done.

Now you can use any SIM card on your unlocked USB modem.

Note : Ensure you’ve entered your dc-unlocker client username and password. Click on “Server” to enter the login details if you’ve not done so and you need internet access to check login status.

If you encounter any problem, please use the comment form below.



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