iAd Platform Might Power Apple Podcasts Monetization

If Apple deploys the technology described in patent application published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, then don’t be surprised if you’re interrupted by custom ads when next you’re listening to a podcast on Apple’s own Podcasts app.

Apple podcasts monetization patent
An illustration of how Apple’s patent might work.
Photo: USPTO/Apple

In the patent application, Apple describes how in the future it could interrupt podcasts with targeted personalized advertisements, by way of Apple’s iAd platform. This innovation is simply an automated advertising system for podcasters, thereby making it easier for content creators to make money from podcasting.

Also mentioned are powerful analytics tools that monitor ad playcounts and consumption rates for multiple users over multiple devices. This feedback method provides vital information to a primary or secondary ad service and could in some cases determine payout to a podcaster.

The ads could take various forms — including video, interactive or audio — and could be targeted to users based on a number of different metrics.

It is not known if or when Apple plans to roll out this podcasts monetization but we will keep you informed once it happens.

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