iOS 14 Is Being Developed With An Intent To Quickly Catch Errors And Bugs

The problems Apple faced with iOS 13 were associated with developers leaving unfinished and buggy features in the apps, causing unplanned system crashes and bugs. Apple’s iOS 13 was released in September and the first flow of the software which came pre-installed with the iPhone 11 family all saw bugs, glitches, and crashes.

Apple is executing a new process for internal developers to finish iOS 14. The purpose is to allow unfinished features to be disabled by default so the test build of iOS could function without error. This allows for a more productive testing period between build releases. The new change will also apply to future releases of macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and iPadOS.

Bloomberg informs that Apple has revealed changes internally that involve the company using software flags in daily builds of iOS in a bid to stabilize future releases. The flags would allow Apple’s developers to include changes to beta versions of iOS 14 that internal testers could then switch on, allowing Apple to easily isolate any bad code. Apple is putting in the work to give Apple products and their users more reliability and comfort respectively.

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