iPhone 5s 16gb Price in Nigeria (Used)

Below is the current price list of iPhone 5 in Nigeria at Matrix Pre-owned, computer village, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.


Phone 5 (16G) – N48,000

Apple iPhone 5 (32GB)  – N55,000

Apple iPhone 5 (64GB) – N55, 000


Apple iPhone 5S (16GB)  – N65,000

Apple iPhone 5S (32GB)  – N67,000

Apple iPhone 5S (64GB)  – N72,000


Iphone 5c 16GB – N40,000

Iphone 5c 32GB – N45,000


iPhone 5s

At matrixpreowned.com, you can order for Pre-owned devices and have it delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria. You can also swap your old phone for a new phone at Matrixpreowned website or at SLOT store.

iPhone 5s which is more expensive than iPhone 5c, features an 8MP back camera that can take better photos in low light as well as dual-LED flash light. The panorama mode of the camera can take 28MP shot and the burst mode can snap 10 still pictures in one second. It can also do slow motion video.

The iPhone 5s, also features the Touch-ID technology, a feature that is not available on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. With this feature, you can unlock your iPhone by putting your finger on the home button. You can as well use your fingerprint to approve purchases from iTunes store, App store etc so you won’t have to enter your password.

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2 responses to “iPhone 5s 16gb Price in Nigeria (Used)”

  1. Obidiya Avatar

    Pls I want your honest advice. To use an maintain iPhone in this our nigeria without free to Air is expensive. So I want to ask can iPhone be rooted?

    Pls treat as urgent. My moni don finish o looolz.

  2.  Avatar

    yes you can… but its called jailbreaking for ios devices not rooting to know more just google jailbreaking nd note it much sensible to buy an ipod 6 than an iphone 5 cos it has a faster processor that is the same as iphone 6 but a tiny little slower than it and it also has 8 mp d only downside is a toch id wich would be relatively useless in naija for buying stuffs appart from opening ur phone nd d ipod doesnt have a sim space…… torchlite phone dey and besides you can still call with ur ipod using skype or google voice so dont make a mistake of buying 16gb iphone d apps r large just imagine fb 108mb na wahala b 16gb space

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