Laptop Power Bank Deal in Nigeria : Get 30% Discount

I stumbled on a Laptop power bank deal on dealdey earlier today and I’ve decided to share with you.

According to the seller, it is produce with high quality rechargeable batteries that can power/charge your laptop for a minimum of 8hrs and up to 18hrs i.e it can give you up to 18 hours non-stop charging of laptops and it takes 5-7 hours to charge the power-bank to its full capacity.

laptop power bank

Input: DC 19V
Output 1: DC 17V-20V, 3.5A auto
Output 2-option 1: 30V, 0.5A
Output 2-option 2: 12V-15V auto
Rated Power: 65Watt
Dimensions: 170 x 135 x 80 mm (6.6 x 5.3 x 3.1 in)

How To Buy The Laptop Power Bank

==> Go to Dealdey website here and SIGN UP (Very Important)
==> Sign in once you complete your registration
==> Click on the “Gadgets” tab
==> Scroll down to the “laptop power bank deal”
==> Click “Buy Now” button
==> Select how you want to pay and enter your shipping address.

The price of the laptop power bank at dealdey Nigeria as at the time of publishing this post, is N20,230 instead of N28, 860. You save N8,630 i.e 30% discount.
That’s all.
Once successful, you will get an email notification and will be delivered to you, few days after placing the order.
Note: The deal ends soonest. So, get yours NOW!.

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