Motorola Razr Pre-order And Launch Timing Delayed Because Of High Demand

The Motorola Razr was announced earlier this year as a renewed smartphone having the old flip phone design from Motorola. So far it seems like the demand for the new product is way higher than was expected by the company.

Due to the high demand the company decided to move the pre-order and launch schedule forward. The date has been shifted from December 26 to sometime in January next year. The actual date for the pre-order and launch has not been confirmed but we hope to hear about it in the coming weeks.

The major reason for the shift seems to be the fact that the company is trying to avoid a situation where customers who want to buy a Razr when it does hit stores can’t purchase the smartphone due to low demand.

The Motorola Razr is the company’s first foldable smartphone, bringing back a design from the past with a flexible 6.2-inch display and modern Android specs.

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