MTN Dobox Movies Rental Period, Cost and Data Charge

After you might have downloaded and installed the dobox app to your mobile device by texting “dobox” to 131 with your MTN line, you can start renting movies on your mobile device. Renting a movie on dobox is NOT free. You pay for only what you watch. No monthly subscription.

Below is the breakdown of how much it will cost you to stream or watch movies on MTN Dobox app

Day & Time (Premieres)

==> Rental Period : 12 days
==> Cost (Airtime) : N500
==> Data Charge : No data charge


==> Rental Period : 2 days
==> Cost (Airtime) : N500
==> Data Charge : No data charge

Short Films and Series

==> Rental Period : 3 days
==> Cost (Airtime) : N150
==> Data Charge : No data charge

Extended Movies

==> Rental Period : 3days
==> Cost (Airtime) : N500
==> Data Charge : No data charge

dobox movies

How To Pay For Movie Rentals at Dobox.TV

You can pay for movies you rent on MTN Dobox app using your MTN Airtime.

At, dobox wallet, Mobile money, Paypal, Google wallet and Quick Teller are available as payment channels.


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