New Way To Transfer Glo Airtime

For some months, transferring airtime on the Glo Nigeria network has not been possible for reasons best known to the Telecom company. Recently, the service was restored and subscribers of the Glo network can now transfer airtime from one glo line to the other.

Many glo subscribers actually think there is a new method to transfer glo airtime but that’s not the case. The transfer process till remains the same “Glo Me2U” aka Glo Me To You.

To transfer airtime from your glo line to another glo line, all you just need to do is to dial:

*131*MSISDN of the recipient*Amount to be transferred*Password#.

For example, if your password is 00000 and you want to transfer N50 to a customer with MSISDN 08051234567, then you dial *131*08051234567*50*00000#.

Default password is 00000.

You can check out Glo Me2U Codes here for info on how to change your Me2U password as well as the airtime transfer limits. 

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