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Opera Max Apk Free Download

If you’re unable to download Opera Max data saving app for Android at Google play store, you can download the Opera Max apk and enjoy the data saving functionalities on your Android phone.

Opera Max is a free and easy-to-use data savings app that compresses data across applications on your mobile device – including video, text and images – so you can get the most out your data plan and more control over your data usage.

The Opera mobile app extends the life of your data plan by up to 50%, especially if you use video and image-heavy apps such as Vine, Instagram, Vevo, YouTube, Netflix or Flipboard.

Besides that, it measures how much data you use and how much data you’ve saved. Opera Max’s unique user interface gives you a timeline of your apps usage and how much you saved because of Opera Max by month or by day. Your timeline will show usage and savings by individual app as well as in total.

Opera Max also lets you tame your apps by detecting when you are roaming so that you can prevent apps from using any expensive data. You can easily block any app from using mobile data and restrict it to using Wi-Fi only.

opera max data saving mobile app for Android

If you prefer the app, you can download Opera Max apk here at

Ensure you always search 1mobile for the latest apk of Opera Max as Opera keeps adding more supported services to the app.

You can watch Opera Max YouTube video.

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