PalmPlay (aka AfMobi Market) Review: The App Store for Tecno Phones

Palm Play is an online app store powered by AfMobi where users can experience, download and manage various applications and software including Music, Chatting, Games, News and so on. The Tecno app store provides abundant apps/games/wallpapers/music/videos for mobiles!. The PalmPlay app formerly AfMarket app comes pre-installed on most Tecno phones. The palmplay for my Tecno M7 is working fine.

At the PalmPlay app store, users can find the latest Tecno apps and games. Users can also download and run them from the PalmPlay app. Free products and pay-to-download products are available at the PalmPlay store. To purchase an app or game at PalmPlay store, you will need “Af coins“. You can buy the Afmobile coins using your phone’s Airtime.

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How To Use PalmPlay App

Go to the list of apps on your Tecno phone and tap the “Palm Play” app.

Once you launch the PalmPlay app on your Tecno, an Af ID and password will be generated for you automatically and will be displayed on your screen. You can grab the screen to save it easily in your photo gallery.

PalmPlay store is divided into two categories: Apps and Games. Slide left or right to change category. Featured apps and games are displayed once you are logged into the PalmPlay app. You can also search or view apps according to ranking.

palmplay apps

AkposJokesAndroid, WhatsupAfrica, Gidigames, iROKOTV for Tecno, Zumzum, 3D Music player, Hot Girls, Car Parking experts, Nigerian constitution, LyricsManager , AngryBirds Seasons, HolyBible, iQuran pro for Android are some of the top free Tecno apps and games available at the PalmPlay store.

You can uninstall apps from  your Tecno via the manage tab of the PalmPlay app and also keep track of the downloaded and downloading apps.

How To Download PalmPlay Store App

For PalmPlay store download, if you don’t have it pre-installed on your Tecno, visit and search: Seems PalmPlay was removed from Google play store.

How To Change PalmPlay Password

You can change your default PalmPlay password at the palm Play personal centre.

Launch the palmPlay app, tap the Af ID at the top right corner of the screen of your Tecno phone. Tap “personal centre” > “personal info manage” > change password. Enter your new password in the fields provided and click submit.

You can check PalmPlay on the web at  and you can connect with PalmPlay at Facebook.

Have fun!



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