How To Quickly Preview Photos On Mac

For someone that have been using Windows PC for years, you might find it frustrating to preview photos quickly on a Macbook. If you have a bunch of photos in a folder on Mac, double-clicking an image, will open the image in “Preview’ but if you hit the arrow key on the keyboard, it won’t go to the next picture in the folder.

If you would like to view pictures in a folder continuously on mac, just select a pic and press the space bar on the keyboard. Then use the arrows to move through the folder. Or you can select all the files in the folder (Command-A), then right-click and Open with: Preview. That will open all pics in Preview so you can navigate through them and edit them, if you choose.

The Quick Look (via the space bar) feature of Mac lets you view a file or folder without opening it. You can use Quick Look for items in Finder windows, on your desktop, in email messages, and other places.

If you select an item and press the Space bar, a Quick Look window opens. If you selected multiple items, the first item is shown.

preview photos in macbook pro

In the Quick Look window, you can manually enlarge the window by dragging its corners, see the item in full-screen view, share the item etc

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