Samsung Galaxy S9 Successor May Be Called Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are right around the corner, but rumours for the next-generation in the Galaxy S series are already afloat. According to a report, Samsung is apparently looking to get rid of the series’ current naming scheme. This means that we might never see a Samsung Galaxy S10; instead a Galaxy X might be the 2019 flagship from the South Korean giant.

A report from Tekz24 cites Korean sources suggesting that the 10th generation in the Galaxy S series will drop the numeric branding and instead go with a simpler ‘Galaxy X series’ brand in 2019. The report claims that this move is expected to avoid confusion in future models for which names will go into double digits.

While the rumoured naming scheme might appear oddly similar to Apple’s latest iPhone X, Samsung had trademarked the “Galaxy X” moniker back in March 2017. Although, at the time, it was expected to be for a foldable phone that has been in the works for a long time.

This foldable phone was previously expected to become the third Galaxy flagship series, apart from the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. However, the GizChina report suggests it might just replace the Galaxy S range.

However logical it might sound, we will have to take this development with a pinch of salt as these matters are generally kept behind closed doors till a few weeks before launch. We might get a slight hint at the February 25 Galaxy S9 announcement, though.

Separately, LG looks to be also planning to modify its naming scheme in the flagship G series this year. The company is expected to ditch the ‘G’ branding, altogether, in favour of a two digit number instead.

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