Taptu Shutting Down

taptu feed reader shutting down

While trying to read latest updates on my Taptu for iPad few minutes ago, I saw a notification as regards Taptu shutting down its service and mobile applications on March 31st,2015 and also recommending that users switch to Feedly as taptu alternative.

The Play Store page for Taptu for Android is now blank while the iOS App Store page is redirecting to iTunes page. The blackberry appworld page for Taptu for Blackberry still accessible though as at the time of publishing this.

Taptu for PC website still accessible at at the time of publishing this post too, although you won’t be able to add new rss feeds.

How I wish taptu can offer a paid service isntead of shutting down its service and applications.

Now trying to see if I can export my taptu subscriptions and favorites.

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